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Why I.T. Companies need better Staffing Solutions?

The challenges of finding good talent and why you should work with On Point

Finding qualified IT staff is getting harder all the time. The costs associated with hiring are going up too. You face many challenges in IT staffing because niche skill sets that are pertinent to specific industries can disqualify good applicants. Hiring managers searching for candidates with those specific niche skills often can't find the number of employees they need to fill all their open positions.

The Cloud is Looming.

The dearth of qualified IT applicants will be much more evident as cloud technology continues to roll into today's digital corporate environment. In a recent survey report released by The Economist, a mere seven percent of IT and corporate executives believe that the cloud has achieved its fullest potential. The other 93 percent are confident that cloud computing not only hasn't come to full fruition, but it is only just beginning in terms of its innovation and disruption capacities. A full 70 percent of the survey respondents believe that cloud computing will be an integral factor in five major industries in just five years.
Of the 360 executives queried, more than one in three think that finding qualified IT personnel will be the second-biggest challenge for their enterprise behind maintaining digital security. Ironically, it will be the gaps in IT staffing that escalate the risk for digital hacks.

The Demand for IT and Cloud Technologists Grows.

The Economist goes on to explain how the advancing cloud will bring thousands of new IT positions that HR managers will struggle to fill:

* In the financial industry, three out of four executives see cloud computing having the biggest impact on digital-payment capacities.
* In manufacturing, more than 70 percent of top-level executives expect the cloud to affect production processes, logistics and supply chains.
* Both higher education and continuing-education services will benefit greatly from cloud positioning.
* In retail, the cloud will facilitate more online shopping and enterprise growth.
* In healthcare, cloud computing is already making inroads into the improved delivery of health services. That trend will continue to explode as wearables and the Internet of things come into play.

All of these industries will need well-trained IT professionals to manage the digital growth promised by cloud computing.

OnPoint can Help.

At OnPoint Consulting, we vet and place qualified IT professionals in a variety of industries. We have a strong technical background in systems engineering and operate with integrity. Plus, we operate on referrals with a solid database of candidates we've built over the years that others can't find. We can be an extension of your Human Resources process to make your job easier. 
Let us find the IT support you need to thrive in the coming cloud economy.

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